Issuer platform

A complete high-tech solution that offers issuing services. Start issuing cards with our cost effective solution, taking your business to a whole new level.

EtherMax Payments’ Issuing Platform offers a complete cloud software solution for the issuance of cards and cardholders account management. Whether you are seeking to upgrade your current legacy card issuing software or are ready to venture into card issuing, EtherMax Payments can provide you with best effective solution for your needs.

Full Control

Our Issuing Platform offers a full card issuance service including fees and setup of limits, EMV verification, PIN management, and other cryptographic processing. We support chip and magnetic stripe card technology along with NFC tokenization.

Easy Integration

Our platform offers various REST APIs for an easy integration for card management and transaction history, along with various real time feeds (RTF) as required. We also offer a settlement reconciliation tool, along with various custom reports to suit your business requirements, including transactional data for further data warehouse processing.

Added Value Services

Our issuing platform supports multi-currency wallets and integrates with third party foreign exchange providers, supporting practically all currencies. The creation of a card programme is a fairly simple process, offering a fully reliable and flexible experience.

Scalable and Resilient

EtherMax Payments’ Issuing Platform is based on cloud architecture, build from the ground up by our highly technical team. With cloud computing in mind, the issuing platform leverages all the benefits of such architecture.

Our issuing platform has a competitive edge on running costs as it runs on a server-less environment, where there are no requirements for server provisioning or maintenance. It is a truly scalable and robust solution, where scalability is in real-time based on processing traffic. Our issuing solution offers outstanding stability and reliability and can be run in multiple regions with unparalleled fallback resilience.


Our Issuer software meets all of the PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

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