Acquiring processor

A cloud-based payment processing service solution acting as a payment gateway for Acquirers to connect to card networks around the globe.

EtherMax Payments’ Acquiring Processor software provides a high-tech payment gateway service solution for card acquiring. Acquirers or other payment service providers can benefit by running their own payment processor inhouse, eliminating operational issues one is faced with, when relying on third parties for such service.   

Our Acquiring payment gateway supports various card networks such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express and closed loop networks. As with all of EtherMax’s products, the acquiring processor has been built from the ground up by our highly technical team, designed purposefully for the cloud, through their wealth of experience and expertise in the financial and cloud computing sector.

Scalable and Resilient

Our acquiring processor is based on cloud architecture. The architecture design offers scalability and resilience at its core. Our platform offers an unparalleled resilience. It offers exceptional high availability that is so important in such transaction processing platforms. Scalability happens in real time without the need for any monitoring or hardware provisioning. Whatever the transaction processing load is, our acquiring processor platform is always ready to auto scale in order to cope with any spikes. The upside for EtherMax Payment platform is that we charge on a pay per use, and not for the provisioning or management of our high availability platform.

Cost effective

Our acquiring processor offers real value for money. With our platform, you only pay for what you use. Since there is no provisioning or maintenance of servers, this makes the management of our acquiring processing, hassle free. This also means that running costs are low, delivering more value to your business.

Added Value Services

EtherMax’s acquiring processor is a multi-tenant and multi-currency processor. It handles the entire transaction life-cycle from authorization, to clearing and reconciliation.


Our Acquiring processor software is compliant with the PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). All data is encrypted both at rest and in transit between the different services. Our platform runs on various renowned cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Alibaba Cloud, all offering a highly secure environment.

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