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A complete solution that offers reliable acquiring services. Give your merchants the opportunity to accept all major credit and debit card payments from cardholders all around the world.

EtherMax Payments’ acquirer platform offers a complete software solution that provides access to card acquiring services for merchants. Whether you have just decided to venture into acquiring or are seeking to upgrade your current legacy acquirer software, EtherMax Payments will guide and support your business in every step of the way, from the acquirer platform set up to its application and use.

Our acquiring processor is the result of our highly technical team’s expertise, a clear reflection of years of working experience in the financial sector and cloud computing.

Full control

Our Acquiring platform puts you in the driving seat to allow your merchant’s customers to pay in a secure and simple way. It allows merchants to accept debit and credit card payments from brands such as Mastercard, Visa or American Express, in any currency. With our real time dashboard you can monitor the transaction activity and react accordingly. Our dashboard also gives you full control for merchant boarding and fees configuration.

Scalable and Resilient

Our platform was designed with cloud architecture in mind, offering a truly scalable and resilient acquiring platform. It offers an unparalleled resilience that provides the constant availability you require, allowing it to run in a distributed fashion in different regions around the globe. Scalability is in real time, without the need for monitoring or hardware provisioning. Whatever the transaction load needed, EtherMax Payments has you covered at all times. The absolute advantage of using our platform is that you only pay for what you use!

Cost effective

Our platform is based on a server-less cloud infrastructure, a key feature of our acquirer platform is that there is no provision or management of hardware or servers. This eases the management of our acquirer platform, putting your mind at rest at all times. Since there are no fixed running costs for servers or maintenance, this allows EtherMax Payments to deliver more value and less costs to your business.

With our platform, you pay for what you use, guaranteeing added value to your business.


With our microservices software architecture, our platform is modular and does not impose any limitations or restrictions on the service offered. New features can be launched quickly with practically no disruption and at a fraction of the costs, which usually dominate such legacy payment systems.

Easy Integration

Transaction payments are processed through various channels such as Restful APIs for eCommerce and various other protocols to support Point of Sale (POS) and ATM. Other integration channels are available based on requirements.


Our Acquirer software is compliant with the PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). All data is encrypted both at rest and in transit between the different services. Our platform runs on various renowned cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Alibaba Cloud, all offering a highly secure environment. 

Ease of use

Our Acquiring Console web tool gives you full control in managing the acquirer platform. Boarding new merchants and configuring fees is very easy, whilst you get to monitor in real time the performance of each merchant and generate reports.

EtherMax Dashboard

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