Issuing Platform

An end to end solution that offers the full range of Issuing functionality

Start issuing cards in any region in any currency with our cost effective solution. Our issuing platform offers all aspects of issuing functionality with the ability to setup and manage unlimited products and programmes.

Our issuing platform can help you consolidate all issuing functionality within one microservice based server less cloud environment. It provides you maximum efficiency, accuracy, and dependability using reliable infrastructure.

Programme Management

Our highly parametrised and configurable platform allows you to setup and configure an unlimited amount of programmes and products giving you the ability to setup every client based on their requirements and functionality. Fee management, merchant control, spend control, chip and bin settings are all configurations which can be set under our programme management features. We expose a suite of APIs which you can use to setup any type of client from single programme setups to more complex hierarchies .

Card Management

Our Issuing platform provides many different card management functions. We allow you to instantly issue accounts, cards and wallets on demand. Accounts, cards and wallets can be setup with complete flexibility, there can be any amount of cards and wallets under the account with the ability to map any wallet to any card meaning multiple cards can share the same wallet.

With our card management capabilities,  you can also issue & support multi-currency cards in any currency worldwide. You can manage card issuing end to end from creation right through to production with the card bureau. Pin management is also supported. Pin generation can be randomised by our platform. It can also be generated by you as theissuer or the cardholder can choose what they want it to be.

Pin can also be changed at any given time and our scripting capabilities will ensure it is updated on the chip after the next online authorisation is processed. Programme level settings and configurations can also be supported at account and card level. This means features such as fees, blocks and controls can be applied right down the hierarchy to the lowest level give you full flexibility.

Realtime Processing & Transaction Authorisation

Our processing solution offers you the ability to carry out your own transaction processing leaving you with the option to remove third party processors from your issuing eco system. Our processing solution supports real-time payment authorisation and message processing across any scheme or network in any region globally.

Clearing &

Clearing & Settlement is a critical part of payment processing as it dictates how much funds must be settled to the relevant scheme. Our issuing platform has a dedicated service which ensures Clearing & Settlement is always accurate and processed on time for various clearing cycles throughout the day. Our Clearing and Settlement service allows you to settle and reconcile transactions efficiently and quickly with the schemes.

Risk Management

Our risk management service allows you to detect, manage and prevent fraud and compliance breaches. Spend control rules and limits can be set in order to detect or block certain types of transactions and cardholder behaviour.

Fee &
Fx Management

Our fee & Fx management system allows you to set different fees on different types of transactions from different regions. It also allows you to dynamically control Fx rates and markups for currency conversion and multi-currency cards.

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