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Manage and sustain your company’s acquiring and issuing processing with our cutting edge server-less cloud solutions. EtherMax Payments offers you the right technology with the exact specifications that meet your needs, allowing you to focus on your business growth and customer success.



What we offer

EtherMax Payments provide cutting edge, high-tech cloud processing payment solutions. We don’t offer you the service, we offer you the technology for you to become the service provider. Our aim is to deliver a highly attentive service to our customers. We cater for the entire transaction payment ecosystem, from accepting payments with our acquirer and acquiring processor, to making payments with our Issuing Processor and Card Issuer. Our solutions are extremely resilient, scalable, secure and cloud based. Our platform has been designed purposefully for the cloud, leveraging the server-less native architecture of cloud computing, eliminating infrastructure management, and heavily reducing upfront servers costs in favour of a pay as you go model. Our solutions are fully modular using microservice architecture, giving full flexibility and agile delivery, unlike legacy systems. Our platform runs on various renowned cloud platforms and we offer various licensing and management options.

Our Products

Acquirer platform

Allows for efficient acquiring of payment transactions from merchants. Payments are processed through various channels such as e-commerce API, POS, ATM and other API enabled devices.

Acquiring processor

Provides the technology behind an Acquirer to authorize and settle transactions with various card schemes such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express amongst others.

Issuing processor

Allows for the authorizing of transactions originating from the card schemes network. This processor drives the card issuing platform.

Issuer platform

Provides a platform for card issuing, wallet loading, transaction and fee management and more. Our solution caters for various types of reports, such as transaction history, settlement, balance shifts and ad hoc reports.

Our Advantages


All our platforms scale automatically based on workload and performance in real time, without any provisioning or management required.


Our processors meet core security and compliance requirements, such as confidentiality, protection and data locality. All of our products are PCI (PA-DSS) compliant.

Serverless and Resilient

Our products are built on server-less architecture specifically for the cloud, running without any provisioning or managing of servers. Our solutions offer unparalleled resilience guaranteeing up-time all year round.

Reduced operational costs

We offer a pay per use model, meaning that there are no recurring fixed monthly costs. Pay only for what you truly make use of.

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